the time has come, UT 2007 is here…

Alright folks, Its time to get in gear. This is a call out to anyone and everyone who is interested in working in UT 2007 that I may or may not know. Mike Whitfield and I are already rolling in the UT-iverse and looking for folks who are going to be working in UT 2007 not necessarily along side us but networking. Just as I did with HL2 I plan to do the same or similar things for UT, only this should go a bit smoother as I have had experience with UScript and will probably be abe to pull some shit together quicker.

That said, We need to talk about the future of gneu and how UT development is going to be impacting it.

UT is a beautiful engine. It really seems to have everything im looking for, at least at this high level. So far I have committed to a couple of Mutators and will probably be developing some sort of game or mod on that engine with Whitfield. Things are still on the drawing board, but I would love to hear some feedback and get some motion there.

As many of you had already known, I have been anticipating this release for far too long, basically since before I quit work on White with my old crew, and as such I have a billion things I want to build in UT, especially since I worked in HL2/Source so I can compare them to each other. Life is all peachy currently but I don’t know what I will ultimately be doing.

Keep your eyes open, and ill start posting screenshots as things go. Maybe a few videos.