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This weekend I finally broke down and picked up my first guitar. I am officially picking up the guitar as my instrument of choice, and hopefully by this time next year I will be comfortable enough to play something and put it up here. I have a modest goal of being able to play jingle bells by Christmas and maybe serenading a special woman for new years; it feels good to be able to say that I kinda play an instrument. It is probably my largest regret from my youth. Too much time spent learning how computers work and too little spent learning an instrument. Saturday things changed.

I also noticed, after moving over to WordPress, that I have been sporadic with posting on here. It pains me to look into my archive and see months when I only posted four times. It sucks, but oh well, cannot really go back and change anything now right? I guess I could make some shit up and go back and post them, but It’s probably better for me to just post them now and make November a month of greatness. I have a new goal of hitting at least 20 posts a month, which I hit pretty easily in October, which amounts to a post a day m-f with possible posts on the weekend, which should cover any screw-ups or missed posts during the week. =) Being busy is a great thing, as long as I am able to get over the fact that I’m busy and keep doing things that I need to do, like appraise you all on my progress with the console.

Speaking of which, I have lost my internet at home, so hitting the CEGUI API from home is a bit painful through my blackberry. I have decided to put off further work on it until I can properly find fixes for my shotty code from home, which should be in a couple days.

WordPress has the ability to store drafts of posts. I have the ability to sit down on Monday and map out a number of posts for the next month or so, which may turn out to be interesting. Knowing I have queued, or at least the ability to queue, posts will definitely help me buffer my posting. Some days I may only work on a post and not publish it in order to save it for a coming release, like say Call of duty 4…

Yes its intense and yes its fucking amazing.
What are you waiting for? Go get it now!

By the way, The guitar pictured above isn’t mine. Its just another that looks similar. I will be posting pictures of mine in the coming days as soon as i get my digital camera back.

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