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A few of you may have already been given links to the new WordPress location, but for those of you who have been out of the loop, enjoy. Today I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out some of the details of WordPress and had a hell of a time screwing my head back on with YouTube embedding. I will kill this link when I get finished with the migration. Currently it is all fufu. I have been playing with the editor and what not, and the most important thing to note is that I am thoroughly impressed with WordPress.Save one thing.

Which only made me like it more. =)

In moving over some of the pages, by hand mind you, I ran into an issue that seems to be permeating the WP community. If you have your own install of WordPress you are bound to fuck yourself out of a pretty layout as soon as you get into posting YouTube videos, because WP omits <embed> tags for security reasons. In Drupal, I have the ability to control my formatting options, and can even embed PHP directly into my pages. The catch here is that I could not find any plug-ins that would allow me to drop YouTube videos into it.

There are countless attempts at making plug-ins that say they allow the YouTube links to be embedded, all in their own method. I took some time and read up on how their plug-ins worked, and took some hints from many of them to make it work, and now we are cool.

The plug-in system is pretty neat. It literally worked just as I had envisioned the GneuManager Plug-in system working. I have the plug-in working and available, ill probably release the code in the coming week.

Anyways, I have to study up for my exams this week.

Wish Me Luck

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