squirrel Binding – Check

Although I don’t have any dope screenshots to show much off in regards to this, I want you all to know that Ogre and Squirrel are bound. It’s literally dirt simple and yes, my mother can do it. Allow me to get into some discussion about what I intend to drive with the scripting language, beyond the blanket statement “As much as I can!”

So, basically, what Squirrel provides me is a means of developing in Ogre without having to recompile the DLL’s, and possibly, without even having to restart the engine. Squirrel’s virtual machine/interpreter is run concurrently with the engine, and has ties into any aspect I want to be driven by it. My intentions are quite simply, to be able to develop quickly, without having too much hassle to deal with.

I am intending to drive just about every aspect of the game that I can, with this scripting language, from AI to GUI to entity/level generation. Squirrel seems to be pretty well documented and explained so I don’t think any issues will arise in that accord. It is at least as useful as LUA, and for that matter, I would like to put together a LUA demo in the future in order to compare the two and rightly go with the option that provides the best performance, for the foot print, which I might add, currently my game is 800kb, as an EXE, so we are talking completely utopian here.

First on my list of action items is to put together a demo, allowing Squirrel to drive the game. Once that is taken care of I will be moving forward onto the Audio Library to see what I can do there. For now, though, the first step has been taken and you are free to go jump into my repository to view and comment on my coding, I really would appreciate it.

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