My first Ogre3d Release is in planning stages

With school finally under control I think I am going to gear up for a release, yes I said that shit, of what I have done with ogre3d. I am still a bit in the dark about what its going to require from me, time wise, but I think the contents are going to be as follows:

The following libraries bound to ogre to complete my engine (functionality wise)
Squirrel Scripting Language
OpenAL Audio Library
PhysX Physics Library

The demo itself will highlight many different topics, including but not limited to Animation, GUI and the Height map stuff that I had originally planned on releasing a tutorial on.

I feel like this project is going to be rather ambitious, but I think it will become something worth while as long as I can keep my feet on the ground. I have been thinking that it will be interesting to do this because I have talked a lot about my philosophy on game development and haven’t really done my part in showing it.

The Demo will open up with a height mapped terrain that you will be able to spawn and move entities around in. You will have to choose a character to spawn (probably a default will be selected when you begin) by right clicking the terrain. A dropdown menu will fall down and display the available models. Selecting one will update an image or animated item in the bottom right of the screen.

When you have a character selected you will left click to place him/them. They will begin by standing in place, using their idle animation, maybe ill throw an extra in where if you put two guys within a proximity they will turn towards each other and start fighting or something cute like that. You then click or drag select a unit/group of units and designate your right click menu will change. Now when you right click on the terrain you will be able to move them to a location or change their formation.

I can easily make a few changes to make the back end more difficult and interesting but I think ill keep things straight forward for now. I will provide screenshots as time goes on =) I’m actually very excited to be back working on games and not sleeping, so please feel free to hit me up with questions or comments as time goes on.

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