User registration is opened up again.

I have been toying around with the user system over the last few months, trying to get spammers to lose interest and unfortunately, It’s not working. In an effort to try to increase the commenting on this mo fo I am going to be opening up enrollment and allowing email confirmation again. Feel free to post at your leisure, but keep an eye out because the lockdown may soon be felt on the rest of the site.I have had some really interesting spikes in traffic over the last few months, and I don’t know if I should attribute it to my GRank rising or if I should attribute it to all of the patrons that are linking to my site and telling their friends about what gneu brings to the plate. Overall I am more than impressed with the level of interaction I still get from you all, and will be doing as much as I can in the coming weeks to continue providing what Gneu is capable of bringing.

A couple highlights include a new programming challenge. I am still drafting the rules but I think that things will be interesting enough to allow for some refactoring later in life. There are already a few challenges up that are stepping towards the craziness that we all can expect to see in the future.

I have also been hard at work mapping out my very first Ogre tutorial, and man, is it more of a pain to build a tutorial in video than in text. When I tell the story in text its usually pretty easy to drop some dimes and talk some trash without worrying about it being mistaken, and unfortunately I am not finding my scripting and performance abilities to be up to snuff. I am moving to the new Google docs addition, presentation, which allows PPT style development for free, and works pretty well for collaboration, as I just found out. I am going to be working on the release, probably around the second weekend in October, and will have the text format up probably just before.

Along a similar line I have continued the development of my ‘to build a user system’ articles and will be crossing into some shady territory with that very soon. So far topics include the issues with them, a simplistic database structure and some of the queries that are useful in development of them. It still kind of blows my mind that I haven’t read any definitive guides for this topic, and maybe I am just stepping on toes or whatever, but building the user system seems to be one of the most overdone items that anyone I know in the PHP world seems to have done.

As a final thought I would like to let you all know that the podcast idea is gaining steam and may be available in late October depending on how everyones schedules work out. I have of course taken to naming it something crafty, but in an effort to avoid you nit wits that buy up names that others come up with just to black market them later… I am going to be keeping it a secret.

More Ogre stuff to come, and there are quite a few other things that you may have noticed around here that will go with out saying. I am going to go get some dinner and ill catch you guys a lot later.