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I have been testing out QCodo over the last week and a half with nothing more than a smile on my face when things are created when I tell them to be, and it reminded me of my old days, when I wrote applications from scratch always and wasted who knows how much time trying to create queries and fold data into a format that I was interested in, and of all the things I could do with myself, I never once felt that I was doing too much work…

My recent foray with frameworks has really brought a lot into perspective. I realize that the frameworks that I am using now are exactly what I need to get everything done in far less time with far less worry. The time/memory trade off runs a close parallel to the time/freedom trade off of using frameworks to develop applications. I have been plugging away at QCodo and enjoying the time spent more than you would expect, but the most overwhelming thing about it is that I have finally found that line to cross; I have finally found a means of letting PHP take more of the burden of application out of my hands to do as they say on the site…
The result is that developers can do what they do best: focus on implementing functionality and usability, improving performance and ensuring security.

Whew, rant is over.

School has started and with school, the notorious time/freedom trade off is rearing its ugly head. My free time is dwindling down to near nothing and so my projects are going to be slowing progress. With the addition of QCodo to my arsenal I will be able to pick up the pieces behind my web applications but I don’t think that I’ll be able to muscle through all of them without some help. The Arcy site was a bust, some massive miscommunication took place and now Sean and I are left holding the reigns, so humbug to that.

The projects I am currently undertaking are as follows:

  • GneuManager
  • Ogre & Scripting Language binding experiment
  • Ogre & Audio binding experiment
  • Ogre & Physics binding experiment

None of them are short listed or going to be completed in the coming week, mind you, but these are what I’m working on currently.

A quick word about GneuManager

With the redesign and some volunteer time from some friends I am going to be kicking the design document into shape. I have long let the previous version sit in my wiki, gathering cobwebs and dust, so the new revision is welcomed. I have posted the current ppt overview of the ddoc on the forums, after moving the gmanager app to the programming forum, and will continue updating it as time goes on. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcomed.

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