The stats are in!

Despite the 8 hours of downtime a few days ago, things went extremely well for in the month of June. Our unique visitors are up 55% from the month of May, and they brought an added 32% more visits to the site, which is grand! We are on our third month of 50% growth of user base and I couldn’t be happier. Gneu is still maturing and will continue to do so as I really begin to flesh things out over the next couple months and rehash some of the sites more lightly supported items (like documentation and design).

I am killing the voting as of tonight so those of you who haven’t voted, please do. It looks like starting an HL2 mod is where everyone is moving and I don’t doubt that it will be a really good endeavor; Mike Whitfield and Terry Moenkhaus have joined the collaboration team (I’m trying to get them to come out of the closet and start working with me on these projects but I feel like a dentist sometimes). I have some friends that are in the art department that are interested in helping out and some other friends that are just interested in filling odd jobs. We’ll see who sticks around when I start needling and bringing the team together though. I am going to start picking up, and posting, ideas, the ones posted in my forum under the Think Tank, for the mod. So let’s get this started.

A quick happy birthday to a couple people as well, Laura and Stephania, two fabulous ladies that I met in the last couple months through school and bar outings. One of them is up in Reno with her friends, and the other is… hell I don’t even know! All that matters is that they are well and friends of mine so everyone chime in here and make their birthdays more entertaining when they come hit my site and see that my beloved users also adore them and their celebrations. Give it up for those two.

I hope you all enjoyed June as I did, and let’s keep this 50% growth going! Thank you all for making me into a very happy developer! Code and video are in the works. I hope you guys aren’t creaming your pants (and panties) yet, but keep your shoes and socks on, Ill supply you with what you need as long as you continue fueling my fire.

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