The Ladies: When did they enter your life?

Dear Bob,

When did you have your first girlfriend? I have been reading a lot lately about how true geeks end up building their first computers, establishing a project and eventually hitting a cornerstone where they eventually get over themselves and find a girl that will put up with them. So when did you get yours dude?

Inquiring {Ivan}

Hello Ivan and the other 5 of you who wrote similar letters. Uhm, my first true girlfriend was right at the end of high school, and yes I had built my first computer and established quite a few projects, but if you ask any of the women I have dated I don’t think that any of them will say that I’ve ever gotten over myself. I am still quite vain and it does admittedly cause problems. I am however very good at separating work from my love life, or I should say I am learning to.

Did I mention that I am part Russian? I was raised on vodka, by true vodka drinking 12 year old Russians who taught me how to cuss in Russian before I found out how to really swallow my Stolichnaya. Thanks for the email Ivan and company.

Hint: If you write your letters more legibly you have a higher chance of getting it put on the site and answered.

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