Gneu Management System

I am in the middle of a huge code re-factoring experiment to see if what I’ve learned about PHP over the last 2 months can impact the way my GneuManager inspired framework would have been developed. I am planning to start on v2 of my framework before v1 was ever released.

I was approached recently about a web development position at a startup and was asked about my portfolio, and unfortunately since I started working corporate I don’t have nearly as much visibility in the rest of the world, in regards to my applications. I have been glad to be out of the contractor realm and I’m pretty amused that it never occurred to me until now, but with the attention I’ve been getting from the web front lately its now very important that I flesh out my portfolio, show off my design skills and display some of the coding interactions that I find so interesting and fun.

My current workload includes:

  1. Work (Perl, PHP, MSSQL & Reading a lot)
  2. Web Dev with Seanism
  3. Web Dev with Mike Whitfield (unpaid)
  4. Web Dev on my lonesome ( =?( )
  5. Upkeep
  6. Game Dev in gaps between the above

All of this really does hamper my ability to take care of home, but as you all may have seen I have posted more in the last week since school got out than I did through the majority of May and June. I am again trying to put my feet on the ground and start setting myself up for making my million dollars and getting my computer paid off.

Seanism and I have been working for a company to rebuild and design their site and It’s going rather well, considering. I was actually rather surprised to have been approached, except that Sean has vouched for me and knows that I have been well ridden into the ground through my experiences in the contractor realm. One of the reasons this came as a surprise was that no one really asked for my references and or examples of my work, which now… is absurd considering I’ve been doing this for six years solid. One of the major things I miss about interviews and contractor gigs is that you really get to put yourself out on a platter and if you play your cards right it becomes more you choosing your gig versus the other way around which can be very stressful.

Rant aside, Whitfield and I have been doing a lot of talk and preparation lately about getting him started in the web development world, and it occurred to me that I was telling him to do things that I had not, myself, taken care of. With this startup asking me to help them out I realized even more how light hearted things need to be in order to work smoothly. I do, indeed, need to keep my options open and focus on the fact that I am still just a squirrel trying to get a nut. What that means is that I have tasked myself with not just updating my portfolio, but more over reworking the entirety of it to work with my Gneu Framework.

My plan for July is to plan out several demo sites, Spacely Sprockets and such, that are able to be used in demonstration of my ability to piece together sites of varying complexities and types and themes and so on. I may end up working with some of these people I’m currently partnering up with and possibly bringing some more mice out of the woodwork and finally pulling Gneu together as a true concept.

There is a lot more to come, so keep your eyes open, and watch that release page.

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