PHPBB3, or why you have to learn to love the bomb

some of you may have noticed that the forums have been… eh, tweaked; more like replaced over anything else. I am trying out the new version of PHPBB in order to see if the new development playground is going to be better for administrative tasks & SPAM FILTERING! Woo woo!

I’ve also been stumbling around trying to find a nice skin for Drupal and unfortunately I have yet to be impressed by anything I see that scales right. I will probably be basing a new template for gneu off the phpbb3 template and if time permits I’ll be taking the same energy forward to the wiki (And assuming that goes well I would easily be able to skin Mantis).

In other news I would like to say that I am going to be retiring PHP:DotProject soon. There hasn’t been much use of it as of late and I am finding its interface incredibly irritating. Hopefully removing that PM will help me find the time and energy that It’s going to take to finish pulling GManager together. =)

Hope you guys like what I’ve done with the place, I have to get my study on; I’ll be in touch!

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