One year ago…

One year ago, nearly to the day, I was averaging about 2-4 unique viewers a week, had nearly no content and had a great time telling people that they could go, but nothing was really up. Since I started posting regularly and forcing my friends to go the site is now approaching a thousand unique views. I have people linking to it from the valve media wiki, from hl2coding (this site has unfortunately gone down) and from many others. As time has gone on my site has become much more than it was originally conceived to be, more a project management application and a forum for (almost minimal) discussion. In order to celebrate having 1500 views a day over the last week I decided to skin it, again. =) Sorry folks.

The skin is inspired by PHPBB3, which has also been put into place, and I am quite impressed so far, so let’s get some more posting in there, and some comments on here.

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