Nearly Silent on the Western Front

It is often entertaining to watch people from a distance, noticing patterns and the like. When standing on the top of a building people look like ants, and they often move in groups, with common goals and emitting a sort of understanding of how things work. This is one of the reasons that I prefer to deal with groups of people to one on one sessions; orgies aside, unless you float that way. In the last two weeks I have had three people ask me to join their HL2 mods, one offer a paying position, and through AIM, nine people have asked me to give up my resistance to joining the ranks and pull a team together because people are fucking bored! Here is my formal notification to you all, I plan to bring together a team, so far I’ve spoken to TJMonk, Franklynd and AcidX and some other friends and it looks like I will indeed be working on another HL2 Mod.

That said, I am having a ton of people approach me about game development, and I really must answer a few questions:

Jill, Carlos and Carl are all interested in my free time:
“I saw that you had posted a couple images a while ago about your experiences with Ogre, and I must say they really didn’t show too much,” “What are some of the goals and or features you plan to implement,” “What are you doing when not coding or sleeping?”

Ogre and I aren’t quite joined at the hip just yet. I have been playing with it, a lot over the last month and a half, and must say that it is very interesting. The reason that I haven’t been posting much is because I really don’t know much to say about it. You can only show off so many fufu images before you have to debut something interesting and start releasing things, and I’m not quite ready for that. My time is pretty well packed at this point in time. Work and school from 7am till around 7 or 9 at night, and then I hit the weekends where I do the nitpicky things like try to clean my car or the podcasting stuff. Ogre is definitely more fun to play with than blowing my load all over HL2/Source.

Finally, when I’m not coding or sleeping, how odd you put it that way, I am usually trying to keep my mind on math, as that’s what I’m taking currently, and when I’m not doing math I am usually at work. When I’m not with my colleagues I am out with the friends boozing and schmoozing.

Anyways, this weekend is going to be boozed out unless I can find some very interesting things to do, which seems likely. As usual, I’ll be in touch, and take care.

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