Why I don’t have a webcam.


For some reason there are a number of you viewers who have written to me over the last couple months about getting a webcam for my room so you could watch me as I work… far too hard I might add …on my game, applications, utilities etc, or just plain gaming. I have been thinking about this for quite some time, and I am fairly certain that this wont be happening any time soon, and don’t plan for it to happen in the future. There are many reasons for this to be, but ill highlight a couple of them.

1) You really don’t want to watch me masturbate.

I really can’t think of a reason you would want to watch me do anything, but I keep falling back on the idea that I don’t like being watched. I find it rather confusing, and although there are, apparently, quite a few of you who are willing to put in the time to watch me as I groan and slither through code, I would rather put together a podcast over doing something bland like setting up a web cam to watch my room, which is empty from 7am to 7pm. And by the way, ladies, if you want to see it all you have to do is ask. I am definitely willing to bargain, although no pictures, all loving.

2) Watching me on a webcam wont do anything to help you

Watching my goofy face as I stare and squint and pull my hair out and scream will most definitely only lead to you down the roads of laughter, which if you need a joke, feel free to message me on aim, we can exchange skype id’s and do some banter. Gneu.org is a site dedicated to helping and educating, so it won’t be very good for gneu to associate it with a picture of me sleeping.

3) I don’t work as hard as you all may think

I have school at 8am and work until nearly 8, come home and usually watch a movie until about 10 might hit the code for a while and then I’m in bed. Knowing that the orb sitting over my monitor, since that is the only place webcams seem to work, would definitely drive you all nuts to see that I am not around nearly as much as you all seem to think, the counter point here is that I don’t want to work as hard as you all may think I do which would be a driver to push up my effort to impress you, and that’s all gravy in my opinion. I would love to expand this community, but that is not going to be the way to pull it off.

Keep in mind that webcams are cheap; I would rather start off with something along the lines of an audio podcast, and then evolve it where it needs to go. I have had a number of people ask me about the podcast realm, and as much as that too seems to be a calling for me, I am not going to be able to pull that off until I get a couple folks who are a) dependable, and b) able to share their opinions without letting things get out of hand. I have seen & heard far too many podcasts that are just not good, be it their cast or the topics sucking. The niche that I am aiming for is Programming, Development, Management, and Application or Game Development as a whole, so It’s a pretty extensive “niche” when looked at from a satellite.

There are going to be a couple sub sites for gneu, one of them in particular is going to be around that horrifying realm of writing. One particular email I received from an old viewer said she was looking for one of the older poems I had published on my old site. Although I was a bit reluctant to republish the things I used to write I have some plans to pull together a couple writers and get things rolling again in that realm.

I hope this is something to make you all feel warm and fuzzy in your tummies. I will be posting a progress report this weekend on the gneu manager project, which I really need to put some serious time into it this weekend, but I have a paid project that is going to sap up as much time from me as it can. Things progress and they continue to do so. I also have to let you know about my trig class, because that’s a fucking hoot.

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