Bridgette & Birthdays!

Bridgette has come and brought a lot of things to light in the last three weeks. She is definitely an attractive woman, nice long legs and a great set of toes to match. I even took her out to dinner a couple times to show her off to some friends, but unfortunately for me, she isn’t very well off in the dependability and is very insecure. I guess this is what I was looking at as a small hurdle when I chose her name; Bridgette was a girl I was an inch away from dating back in high school, she was amazing if you ignored her insecurity. The one thing I’ve been sure to agree with… you can’t turn a ho into a house wife. Tough shit eh?

Anyways, so the list of to do items has varied quite a bit, I’ve been focusing on making things work and then spending time cleaning the method up. So far I have the modules working in an amazing way; I’ve made four and could rather easily make more, so the system is working flawlessly. I plan to make a release of that code in a couple weeks (and there is a possibility that I could be persuaded to throw it together in other languages like… say… Perl!).

That said I have been told that there is a special day that falls on the tenth of this month, and I hope that you are all up for a get together. I turn 24 and will be doing everything I can to make sure that there is something going on, and everyone is invited. Keep your asses in touch and fill me in on your options and if you have some ideas please, again… feel free to let me know or just kidnap me and let your mothers, sisters and girlfriends take complete advantage of me. I may have taken the feather out of my hat, but I still am a pimp down in my soul.

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