Belief Systems To Fight Over

Attempting to stay true to form, I really try to keep my wits about myself when someone begins to rant and rave about their beliefs. I recently was approached by a zealot who crossed the line and refused to back down from his attacks on my beliefs, insisting that I accept his. Knowing that there was no way for this confrontation to end civilly I backed down and told him that if he was willing to fight for his belief in Jesus… that he was definitely right and should try cutting a few balls off in order to secure his faith and prove to god that he believes.

As I have pointed out earlier I am sure footed in my belief that religion has negative impacts on the worlds development. I am reminded of the now cliché debate between the religious and the opposition in which the religious person makes some asinine claim about the state of religion in the world and the latter responds with silent awe. It seems to me that there is a silent war being perpetrated by these jerk offs to discredit and ruin the opposition. The issue here is not anything about their beliefs, which I can argue about until my arms fall off sprout wings and fly around the world nine times, it is the pure and simple fact that these people participating in debates do not know how to argue, or are too full of themselves and blinded to be able to admit when they are wrong.

Here is a list of a good number of the fallacies that exist in illogical arguments, most notably is the straw man, which seems to be everywhere these days. A great example of this is seen on a recent episode of The Daily Show.

Forgiving the politics, which I don’t think should be forgiven believe me, if you pay attention to what is actually being said here you will find that this is actually one example of a million times over the last 10 years that I have been listening to politics, and news in general, that arguments are handled in this fashion. Appealing to Authority, Biased Sample, etc. etc. The one thing i brought with me out of Logic class was that if I find myself using the word every, chances are that i am using a flawed argument.

These folks believe that if they say something enough it will eventually become a fact. I assure you all, if you say that god exists or that the flying spaghetti monster ate your little brother or even try to convince someone that winning a war against nobody in particular… you have no options other than failing.

Its just too sad that this world is populated by people who don’t know any better have nothing better to do than believe, considering I have always found it most entertaining to question everything, especially the things that were “given.”

I encourage you all to check out the Bill Moyer Journal and give it a look see. You may learn something, you may see something you hadn’t before, or you may just enjoy seeing what goes on behind closed doors.