the Programming Drinking Game

In order for something to be taken serious there has to be a drinking game associated with it. That is to say, anything that is seemingly fun alone, but when done in groups is tedious and or boring (or the other way around in a couple situations) needs to have a drinking game associated with it. Sex, diggnation, ping pong, nascar, pool and yes… even drinking have drinking games… I am going to open the doors to the possibility of having a programming drinking game; the emphasis of which is going to fall on the fact that as you become more and more incoherent you are going to have to drink more and more until you pass out on your keyboard.

One Shot – forgotten semicolon, or added on the wrong line.

if (1 == 1);

It never ceases to amaze me how as I have risen as a coder to be able to undertake more and more elaborate problems, that my errors are more and more trivial. In order to emphasize this, you have to take an extra shot for each time you pass your code through the debugger. If your language doesn’t have semicolons – you need a double shot. If you are coding in VB – drink a fifth and try to jump off your house into the pool three blocks away. I promise you can fly.

more coming as i think of them, or they are submitted.

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