GneuManager Milestones screaming into view…

I have had a very significant weekend to report about, namely in regards to GneuManager, but also a quick note about another of my projects. I got a couple emails this fine day asking about GneuManager being used, publicly, and I am letting you all know here and now that I intend to keep GneuManager Free to use for as long as the net allows. I have no plans to monetize it as of yet, and actually find the subject a bit revolting, however, I recognize that there need to be some means to pay for the site and all of the time that I put into these things, so be aware that in the future some of the apps I build may become monetized.

On To GneuManager… Apparently, this morning’s issues were centered on the changes I have made over the last week, in the 20 something SVN updates that I have made. Mainly the forms module and database access classes have been changed to the point that they did not work as they had been used. My module system is back roaring and page load times are still down below .3 seconds on my local Linux host. Moving to PHP 5 has been tons of fun, using some of the more elaborate items like class instances and as I posted before the __toString function is so much fun. The issue I ran into this morning is actually more influential than I expected, allow me to explain.

When you run into an issue you will usually get an output of an error and it will either stop your code or float in it. Well, apparently there is a limitation to this feature, as it doesn’t work when I hit my classes, via call_user_func. I don’t intend to give up as of yet, but it is indeed unsatisfactory considering I am using PHP 5.2.x and am unable to see anything beyond a white screen when I use this function. In fact, I have gone to the extent of copying the code out of that function and pasting it directly in line where it should be run and I get all the issues that I expect to see.

Now, making the waters a little less stable — actually sloshing it around like an alligator that just got its jaws wrapped around a dumbass giraffe’s neck – I ran a test on using call_user_func on a series of functions that were all screwed up to the extent that they would barely load, and they echoed all the issues I expected, so there is something going on in my code somewhere, and I need to find it.

White Screens Are Irritating, I assure you.

So anywyas, I have a pair of weekends between me and release of the app in a viable state, and I hope it works out as such. I have been up pretty late the last two nights working on it and will most definitely be able to pull it off. Soon, Soon indeed. I am off to bed, may your application dreams come true…

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