Ah the hysteria has set in…

Apparently in-between PHP 4 and 5 the system I had designed stopped working. = I am hitting the drawing board and scrapping my previous design. Hopefully this wont take me too long to revise.

What is the issue?

In short – I am hitting a brick wall in trying to call methods with the call_user_func. It’s not calling anything and its killing the page, so I cant get anything out of it. I am going to hit php.net and track something down, soon enough I hope. I will explain things in better detail this evening when I figure it out.


Wow that was fun, apparently i was hitting the issue on another function. I have it all sorted out, and again I’m moving forward. Users are now able to login/out/change their password & update their internal information. All is moving again, i will write a less brief post a bit later, but suffice to say that things are calm in the seas again.

next-> User Administration & Registration.

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