Updates – All around

Hello, Hello, Hello!

I have been working, slaving, on too many things, but here are the updates that are pertinent.

I quit WAW. The lead and I had a difference in opinion at how something should have been handled and well, I choose the other road. Leaving WAW threw me to the whales and since then I’ve been kicking the utter shit out of the to-do listing I built up on Google. The great thing is that I am feeling great. I am finally sleeping again, after nearly two months of intermittent bouts with insomnia, although I owe that to Advil PM and Benadryl, thank the all powerful being who developed that.

In kicking the ass that I have been kicking I have read five books, hot zone and a book on anthropology included. Of these books is one that really pissed me off – Half Life 2 Mods For Dummies. The book was bought for me under the impression that it would have information about the development process, which it does, only they spend two paragraphs talking about the code, so that’s a failure of a book. It is 200+ pages of how to develop maps in HL2, which is a joke in and of itself because most of the stuff came from the interlopers.

Mike and I put a hearty weekend into the development of a website that will be added to our portfolio soon, and will begin building smaller tools (hopefully in flash) soon. Along with this site I have been working on the GneuManager project, damn near alone. I posted a topic of how I have the core working, which is pretty neat I must say.

You may have noticed that there was some down time over the last two days. Apparently the server I am co-hosted on is really fucked up. This is the third time in two months that I have had a database issue that fucked up the site. It was down for two days, with occasional outages and the rest just plain shitty performance. I posted tickets and placed phone calls but to no avail. I had to reinstall drupal again, third time installing drupal… Along with reinstalling I grabbed a couple new tools/modules for drupal, which looks like they will definitely provide the sustained level of neat that I expect herein.

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