Gneu Updates – 1.18.07

some of you may have noticed that I have made a few updates to the site in the last couple weeks. Well, things are coming together, slowly, but they are none the less. As you may see, Mike is back, and he is going to be taking a larger part in Gneu. Pairing that with the increased traffic that I have seen has caused me to start work on getting Gneu set and ready for our future.

I have begun writing articles for the wiki, which seem to be going pretty well. The wiki itself has begun to flesh out, and there have been a couple users who are taking part and contributing as well. Gneu is evolving. It is finally coming together into the entity that it was intended to be.

What is ahead? Anticipate some more from the chronicles of Swallowbush, but I do think that I’ve pretty well exhausted my experiences without getting into the code, and or some direction. I am thinking about putting more time into the wiki articles which will probably provide me with the most benefit. I have been working on the project manager that will soon replace the one on the site currently, and mike is going to be helping me out with it. In the mean time, I am going to be looking for a couple other recruits to help mike and I with contributing to the site, so if you are interested, please let me know.

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