Chronicles of Swallowbush – Escape from Geocities

this time I take you into the beginnings and explain why things were the way that they turned out. It’s going to be very emotional for me to put this to digital paper, but I hope that my trials and tribulations will help you when time comes for your websites to be built. Much of what I have gone through has lead me to the way that I build sites now, and I hope to either teach or be taught better ways in the future.

Getting Things in Motion.

Deciding on a domain was not as difficult as many have experienced, I had already had the swallowbush id for a number of years, and it wouldn’t be too difficult to see where I was going. Of course I put some heavy thought into being trendy and using etc but come on. Creativity was definitely in the eye of the beholder. My background taught me that if you want to stand out the best way to do so is to do so.

When I finally found a site I decided that the best route was just to keep what I was doing going and not to worry about changing anything because it was simpler not to. My site transferred over smooth enough, but unfortunately it was still very complex. The process was very involved, but gave me a great level of control. My posts were able to be formatted as I wanted and would never do anything I didn’t foresee, but it would take me more than an hour to get everything to work right.

I left my frames and other shitty design behind when I came across a great book – Flash MX Actionscript. I had been doing flash as an animation tool up to this point. Yes I had done some very interesting things, but I had never gone beyond my TI-83 in regards to programming. The rails were set and I was unable to stop the events from transpiring – I was becoming a programmer.

My first futile steps were needlessly complex, but it took me no longer than a week and a half to build my very own Flash MP3 player. Play, Pause, Rewind, fast forward, next & previous track all functional and using the built in buttons so I could focus on the code. It occurred to me at that point that I was screwed, worse than I could have possibly imagined; I would never be able to work with static pages again. HTML became dull and boring, Frames were an irritation in and of themselves, and I had much more going for me now in Flash than any of my JavaScript popups had ever allowed.

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