stances are done 1.4.8

I have the bases all covered on my stance system and it is almost in a release able state. I fixed the issue with the transitions getting fucked up when a player dies, it was a networking issue, and hit another issue that is actually a hundred times more irritating, and was simple to work around.

The game movement is controlled by a single static class. What this means for the programming aspect is that the way I had coded stances would not work. Watching the following video will give you a demo of the issue and rest assured it is no longer one.


The main issue is that I had assumed, as I was told by just about everyone else, that the game movement was independent for each player, when in fact the way it works is to cycle through the players and execute the same code on each of them. The reason it works fine for HL2 is that they have a click and hold system. So when you are holding the button down you are just executing one block of code. If you read through my stance theory you would see that I am trying to change that to allow me to handle situations a little different, so that calls for me to handle this whole thing differently.

The code is going to evolve still, but it is completely functional. I am currently working on cleaning up some of it and planning on releasing some sort of project information to keep you guys in the loop as I go.

Enjoy the vid & take it easy

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