Pick a project any project.

this is going to be a great test for us as programmers, to choose an application, and stick to the development of it through to the end. I have already made a few suggestions to get the creative juices flowing and will soon be moving them to the project manager that is going to be used, until the one I have devised comes to fruition. This will test our endurance, will and our ingenuity in many ways, since we are working as a team we will have to plan out our steps before we take them, and make sure that anything that comes up is taken into account for the rest of the progress of the mod.

I have probably received fifteen emails in the last month or so looking into what kind of projects I am working on and how they are going to pan out, well this is your chances to come forward and join in on some of them. I have the project manager set up to let you, yes you, not the you behind you but the you right there sitting there… sorry for that, where was I? I have the project set up to allow you to join in on the development and even see as we progress, hit milestones and other crazy shits as they come, and if you want to you can even join in on the fun.

don’t let being fresh into the world of development cause shyness, as we have said throughout this site we are noob friendly, and I will personally do what I can to help you get your feet wet, and if you don’t work out I can at least point you at a couple books to read before you get back into it.

I plan to open up any and all projects on the sourceforge system so we wont have to worry about hosting or distribution, which takes a lot of the pressure off of our projects, and will allow us to work without worry about our server load & traffic statistics.

If you are interested in joining up please send and email to bob@gneu.org

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