Classes And Ants, What else is going to happen today?

I did some crazy development last night that you all might find interesting, and had so much fun with it that I forgot to clean up after myself at work. Well, I tell you what, the ants were enough to get my mind rolling in the morning. I spent the better part of two hours fighting it out with the first wave of these fuckers and tore them apart. My desk space was tinted by their blood, my keyboard nearly lost to the maelstrom of water and smashing that went on amidst the fighting, I took a picture which I will upload a little later, but suffice to say that they lost, and so did I.

When all was said and done the ants had left a nice 8 inch square of their exoskeletons that I needed to clean up and holy crap is it creepy to be sweeping up ants and have a thousand of them appear. The second wave seemed to have learned from the first and got themselves settled into a few of the trenches between my desk segments, forcing me to get downright mean and break out my Chemical weapons, since the WMD’s hadn’t worked. My expo marker whiteboard cleaning solution seemed to be perfectly suited for killing ants, so I hosed them down and eventually dumped it all over the desk in an effort to end the fighting.

All was quiet on the eastern front of my desk, so I began the cleaning process all over again. The blood and sweat that had spilt into this square meter of desk was enough to make any common man sick to his stomach. I took it in stride and managed to get everything cleaned up to the point that I could see that it was not as simple as I had expected. The ants had hidden everywhere that it was dark, ergo, under my mouse, under the keyboard, in the keyboard, etc and before long I realized that I was outnumbered and outgunned. I called the help desk and gave up. It was everything I could do to keep my eyes on the prize…

Last night I was contacted by a programmer who had done some extensive work with quake 2 apparently taking it pretty far! The guy told me about some of his adventures with the code and development and made it pretty clear where he was going. Source sucks. Its got some crazy levels of inheritance and bullshit elsewhere that makes its code seem meaningless in some parts and often times, its borderline insane. He specifically mentioned the code related to changing a players stance and it sparked me off. I am recoding the stance code for HL2 and I’m going to open source it when I’m done. This means that the GUI designer is on hold until further notice, if anyone wants to help me out, which I would love, I plan to embark on a journey through HL2 to recode as much of it as I see necessary to make it make sense.


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